Sunday, March 04, 2012

Far Eastern University - Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation Duty

    Third rotation for our Neuro concept and we're assigned in the Pay Ward (3-C); 3pm-11pm shift. We stayed in that beautiful hospital for three weeks. The facilities of the hospital were well-maintained. What we've enjoyed the most is the benign duties of the RN's and student nurses because the Junior Interns are hands-on to each patient, and yeah, the unli-alcohol also! You don't get that in Government hospitals a lot.

Day 1 (February 6, 2012)
    First day = Orientation day. We were toured in the hospitals and given orientation about the hospital's policy and its history. FEU Hospital was located in Morayta before and it wasn't made clear if it's really personal issues between the bosses why it was transferred to Quezon City. Anyhow, our Clinical Instructor was kind and considerate, it's just that she never dismissed us early enough even though it's just the Day 1 of the duty. We've had our patient and we were given homeworks (individual NCP and drug study). I arrived home 5 minutes before 12mn. Whew.

Day 2 (February 7, 2012)
    Same routine duty. This is what I don't like much about being exposed to ward, it's just the same cycle you're going through every time. We did our charting as fast and as accurate as we could so we could go home early but then again, because some of our groupmates failed to cooperate, we went home just like the night before.

Day 3 (February 13, 2012)
    Valentine's eve as what we call it. Nurses are no exemption to this kind of events, call of duty is call of duty. Hearts day and such won't be considered holidays. Anyways, we had our patient that is diagnosed with Stable Angina, oh, not really diagnosed -- it's still a to consider condition. He was kind to us, his children are already working abroad as nurses too. "Hayaan niyo, konting tiis na lang at makakarating din kayo ng ibang bansa." he said. His wife stayed by his side all the time. How a sweet couple. His really jolly and we have had good healthy conversations.
Temple Run made our night livelier than ever, beating one other's score was the game. Haha!

Day 4 (February 14, 2012)
    Heart's day! Valentine's! It's that time of the year again for the couples and all the people who wants love-love-love. Whether platonic or romantic. As usual, V-Day is a duty day. Whether you're single, taken, or in a complicated relationship, it doesn't matter. Call of duty is call of duty. Deal with it. I've received a bouquet of flowers and butterfinger chocolates from a special someone -- significant, I must say.
    We were shocked by the news that our patient last night died because of Cardiac arrest. We wondered why it happened when in fact, we left him in a good condition and his Vital Signs were stable. We were saddened by what happened but we need to go on our duty and move on to caring new clients.

Day 5 (February 20, 2012)
    Last day in the ward because tomorrow would be case presentation. We had benign patients so the shift went smoothly. We were dismissed very early -- good day! Rest-a-lot before the case pres + long quiz.

Day 6 (February 21, 2012)
    Final day for the third rotation! We've divided into two groups so we get a chance to critic one another's work (Case pres and EBN) The discussions and defensing of our requirements becamse hot. It came to a point that some members of the other group were pissed on how we laid our comments but ALL IZ WELL, It's just business after all. We had our quiz that's a bit tricky like shiz but I think I did well. We were dismissed after the requirements has been passed. At last! Bye long trips from Makati to QC. Haha!

    Being exposed to a Private Hospital like FEU-NRMF is a good learning experience because you get to see how nurses really function in a desired setting -- ideal nurse-patient ratio that could lead to better nursing interventions and outcomes. I'd gladly accept the challenge of being rotated there again -- t'was fun -- if only the place was convenient to where I'm coming from.

    Here are my group mates (two are missing in action, me [because I'm the photographer] and Niknok [because he's excited to go home])

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Concierto Piyu Otso-Kwatro

It's FEU Manila's founding anniversary celebration! There were many invited personalities this time around compare to the past two years (FEU@82 - Spongecola & Vice Ganda; FEU@83 - Callalily, idk the rest because I didn't attend the concert)

The university is all fired up and everyone's so excited for this event, lot of students gathered in the grandstand of the campus, enduring the long hours of standing just to watch the show in a nice view. As expected, there were a lot of DSLRs spotted, people from the back shouting "Sit Down (Upo!!)" to the people standing in front, and of course, the bloopers!

The first guest to come out on stage was Valerie Concepcion, her appearance was at a very wrong timing, really. Our neighbor school, UST was having their skies filled up with fireworks display that looks effin' awesome, enough for my schoolmates to ignore Valerie. After the scene stealer pyro amazing-ness, the crowd's attention went back to the program and so Valerie started her thing, he asked one of the audience to join her on stage and a very lucky Mass Comm student was up for the challenge. Valerie teased the guy student and to her surprise, the guy is so ready for her gimmick. Val was supposed to kiss the guy but the crowd didn't approved it.

Moving on.. Hansen from PDA was also invited, he wasn't that cute and I didn't like his performance, period. Next was the performance of FEU's modern dance groups from different institutes. After it, Somedaydream came into the picture with his very famous nursery rhyme-ish song. I finally proved my gut feel that he's an auto-tune star. Haha. Kiddin'! PBB housemates Kim and Mark were also there, they did nothing but share pa-showbiz statements. After their not-so-interesting appearance, FEU Basketball team hyped the girls and fanboys in the crowd.

And here's what the crowd's been waiting for.. Finally! It's Ely Buendia and his band Pupil! They performed a total of 11 songs, 2 of which were the hits from Ely's ever great band Eraserheads (I'm a die hard fan, just sayin') The first song was "Disconnection Notice". The next one was "Pare Ko", this made the crowd go wild and all out especially in the explicit and strong lyrics of the song. "'DI BA?! T*NGINA!!!" My stress was somehow relieved when I was singing with them. The last three songs were "Nasaan Ka?", "20/20", and "Alapaap". Eleandre was such a gorgeous man, it was a dream come true for me to see him in person. Too bad I was far from the stage. But then again, I'm thankful that I get a chance to see them perform. This was the highlight of the night, seriously.

I'm looking forward to more memorable events!  Cheers Tamaraws! January 27, 2012 was a blast!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Embracing 2012

This is an obvious late entry of how I celebrated the countdown to 2012. Fireworks boom and light up the sky into my eyes' delight. Foods to forget the diet. Extreme noise. Love all around. Let the pictures take you to a tour of what has happened that beautiful midnight!

Thank God for the wonderful 2011! I'm now ready to welcome 2012! Hope the blessings will continue to shower and that I'd me a better person this year. No New Year's resolution for now, gotta act it out than do the talking all over. :)

Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital Duty

    DJNRMH was the second hospital that we were assigned to this semester also, the hospital where we had our first duty for 2012. It is located in Tala, Caloocan (very, very, very far to where I'm coming from) and was known for curing and rehabilitating patients with Leprosy. Our group had a chance to see patients with the said disease up close (more info in the later part of this post). Our area supposedly was in the ward but we ended up having our rotation in the Emergency Room. A bit advanced for our level, but we accepted it because we have no choice and it's somehow for our benefit too , so, t'was actually nice.

Day 1 (January 2, 2012)
     First day as usual, is all about orientation. We've been oriented about Leprosy, and the facts and misbeliefs of the disease. We met our Clinical Instructor too. She was really nice and good in discussing ER topics, professionalism and experience are evident by the way she carries herself. She taught us how to do suturing, remove sutures and the basic protocols in the hospital. We've been dismissed early so that we can rest and prepare for the actual duty the day after.

Day 2 (January 3, 2012)
     Woke up at around 3:30am, took a quick shower, dressed up with proper grooming, ate breakfast and headed for a long trip on my way to duty. I should arrive at the area on or before 7:00am. It took me almost 2 hours to get there. It's actually fast because I rode the "killer" but to avoid being late. Luckily, I reached my destination just in the nick of time. Saved by the bell!
     We had our quiz (got a high score), she further discussed IV insertion and how to fill up the ER form properly and cautiously because it can be used in legal cases. Four of us are assigned in the bedside, my other group mates were in the information area and others are lucky to be in the assist of minor surgeries.
We also had our tour and met patients with Leprosy. It's sad how they are left behind by their loved ones. Some of them are admitted in the year 198 and they are still there, alone and just being cared of by the staff. We also met some patients who are still capable of showing their talents besides of their unfortunate condition. Still goes to show that there's still hope in them. :)
     After the tour and lunchie, Our C.I. gave us the requirements for the rotation and we were supposed to be dismissed early but the C.I. of the other group jumped into the picture and discussed some Neuro-related stuff (cranial nerves and assessments). After his long discussion, we were formally dismissed.

Day 3 (January 9, 2012)
     THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR GLORIOUS REST DAY (because it is the Feast of the Black Nazarene and classes are cancelled) BUT WE ARE OBLIGED TO HAVE OUR DUTY for the reason that Caloocan isn't affected of the traffic re-routing and all that hassle. My rants or complains wouldn't change our C.I.'s made up mind.
Again, we're still assigned in the bedside, we've prepared and administered anti-tetano meds. One of our patients was a Tumblrista and it was a surprise that she knew me even if I was wearing a mask and my name plate's not on. It's really fun to meet new people by chance. While we were administering meds, A 3-year old kid was admitted and he was vomiting bloodwith Ascaris (worm/parasite). Her mother stated that her child was having those manifestations for about 3 days. He was immediately monitored and attended by the ER staff nurses and doctors of the hospital.
     After all the 3-yr old kid looked fine, We decided to have lunch. One of my group mates treated the whole group free Domacs (McDo) lunch. Yeah! Cheese-B meal and PJ to satisfy my tummy.
ER really is a place of unexpected situations. Just after we ate, the kid who vomited blood with a worm had a cardiac arrest. He was given CPR and was resuscitated but all of the said life-saving measures weren't enough. One of the doctors said that the worms might have blocked the airway, causing obstruction and lead to the death of the patient. Here's a picture of one of the worms he vomited:

     It's a sad point to end the duty for the day. Our Clinical Instructor further emphasized on the importance of Health Teaching and Handwashing specially in the community-based setting.

Day 4 (January 10, 2011)
     We've extended hours of duty this day, good thing everything seems to be at fast pace for us. We just had our quiz (sorta like exam), passed our requirements and attended a seminar on BLS - CPR (this was the one who killed the duty time. veryyy looong and a bit boring) After the seminar, we had our lunch and our C.I. decided to dismiss us earlier than expected. Hooray for the last day of duty!

     I can say that I gained a lot of experience in this rotation. I've seen rare cases and had a hands-on nursing care in the ER. The hospital was a good place for student nurses to be more independent. It's just that it's too far. Whew!